A collection of Points made by Steve Or Steven Read

 i am the artist. i am the dreamer. non-believers away.
 Tuesday, December 21, 2010 (stars and planets take center stage)
 anyone who thinks it would be easy to make a large visually simplistic website like this one should have a look at my hand coded 550 line CSS file
 so now that i have enabled commenting here what sort of trained animal trick can i perform to earn a few tasty comments from surfers like yourself?
 point commenting is now live ....................................... holy shit!
 the first BUSHWICK BAZAAR @ 1342 DEKALB was awesome last night hope these continue
 would anyone care to comment on this?
 EX-BRONCOS COACH JOSH MCDANIELS FIRED TODAY!!!!! been calling for the head of this arrogant sycophant for 2 years now ever since he dumped jay cutler .. his wasting of a draft pick on gaytor tim teblow was nothing but salt in the wound .. GO BRONCOS!!!
 been lost in the jungles of video for days