A collection of Points made by Steve Or Steven Read

 75 miles so far .. slow start .. onto pearisburg
 no signals lately .. went through atkins ate sunday country buffet and miller high life .. almost zapped in t storms yesterday .. i heard tell of some serious hail storms golfball sized
 geared up .. full o' beer .. ready to hike outta here .. in damascus va and soon onto mount rogers .. highest mountain in virginia and populated by wild ponies
 i recently heard that the fluxus movement was only named "fluxus" because the fluxus.com domain was still available
 thanks for all the birthday ♥ today :)
 planning something special for april 1st .. and i ain't no fool and it ain't no joke
 and some points of medium length every now and then
 maybe the points list looks better when there are at least a few textual points between the ones having an attachment icon
 if i were a songwriter these would be lyrics but i am not this will never be sung