A collection of Points made by Steve Or Steven Read

 someone keeps trying to hack into my website with the words "result: used self learning system data"
 i got babylon blisters on my twinkies®
 yum dumb from some slum just told me that i am an idiot but what shut cut up mutt guts do they know anyways i mean really so silly .. afterwards i walked into some barber shop and he told me to cut it out and i told him that i wanted to marry his daughter
 SIMILAR ARTISTS: Roger Hodgson, Graeme Edge, Michael Pinder, Tony Clarke, Ray Thomas
 excited to end the year with the butthole surfers
 have successfully resisted ever buying an apple iphone/itouch/ipad/igenital product .. waiting patiently for the first reasonably priced blockbuster android .. congratulations sprint/google/htc now in my possession is the evo 4g!