A collection of Points made by Steve Or Steven Read

RIP Snow White Ride .. oh how i once cried for you :(
 RIP Snow White Ride .. oh how i once cried for you :(
 one of my most vivid memories from my years as a boy scout was when these kids had deliberately flushed a bunch of catfish down the camp latrine .. when the scoutmaster found out he dutifully pumped the catfish out of the latrine as he yelled and yelled
 when i was a kid we used to hide in the bushes at dark at night at summer camp and whisper to the youngest in a sinister voice "killer mommy killler mommy" one time a kid went berzerk and threw his flashlight screaming and it shattered into the darkness
 when i was 13 years of age the international consortium of athletic musicality finally awarded me the sixth and final chair of the jackson five .. it was then that i tattooed popeye onto my elbow and officially changed my name to steve or steven read
 and then there was that one party where i unexpectedly karate chopped the cheesecake
 ill never forget that one album where kermit the frog interviews bernadette peters and ralph the dog sings time in a bottle
 the first time i heard cathy berberian's name was in a steely dan song
 was down in a cave 1 summer and this 1 forest ranger was very tired of this other ranger's long exaggerated stories and 1 day he broke down deep in the dark cave upon hearing yet another he interrupted loudly but without echo "AWWWHHHHHHH HORSESHIT ROGER"
 i remember once i auditioned to be in the gender bender shock rock band "the impotent sea snakes" .. we played a song called "chicks with dicks" .. somehow i didn't get the gig