A collection of Points made by Steve Or Steven Read

 area man sues KISS for $87 for not fulfilling the promise of their 2000 "farewell tour"
 a bet against Steve Or Steven Read is a really bad bet
 the human centipede is now available on netflix instant
 god placed a large bloody lump onto my head last night .. ouch .. it is very windy today .. i have alot of software work todo .. then i going to play drums tonight (possibly in the manner of ginger baker or jack de johnette) .. then i goto sleep for god
 was gonna post something about 'chicken vindaloo' and i googled it first and found tweets about a possibly racy bollywoodesque jingle sung by craig ferguson but maybe its just spam so now i am back trying to write about how chicken vindaloo is good to eat
 Dino De Laurentiis Has Died
 i am very much in the mood to create another data point right now .. living in the moment .. primacy of knowingness .. a chequered reality .. skunks, pirates, and mold .. the orchids of yesteryear