A collection of Points made by Steve Or Steven Read

 i am stuck. i do not know what to write. who are you. who is reading this. what should i be telling you. what is safe to divulge here. this is new. this is strange. and boring. yet almost exciting. i am not good at blogging. this is micro blogging.
 if everyone is a media artist then ..?
 android smartphone + gps + oruxmaps app + mobile atlas creator + gpx track files = mind blowing offline geo mapping
 took a nice weekend internet break .. and took lots of photos while doing so
 according to web server logs my most dedicated fans are russian blackhat script kiddies
 i am going to type this poing very fast and blincd. wigthout sthought without esgteem and without gesture i\t will come upon you swiftwly and without error
 soon i am vacating the vacuous brooklyn L-train hipster corridor forever and ever the end
 landlord serves us a $700 gas bill for a month where it was broken half the time due to his engineering mistakes and gets pissed when we refuse to pay the full amount .. had the throw the raving lunatic out of "my" house .. certified mail gulag for him!
 dumping the bloated kludge known as the Eclipse IDE and trying out PhpStorm 2.x which is snappy and excellent thus far
 tonight at nyc drupal group meeting my points status update module is a BOF (birds of a feather) but i hardly know what that will entail .. drupal community structures seem complex yet brilliantly conceived .. feel like i am joining the boy scouts again!