A collection of Points made by Steve Or Steven Read

 today i wanted to blog about dogmeat but you probably already know everything there is to know about that
 "art for art's sake" is no longer relevant or even possible and no i won't elaborate further because i reject the premise that i need to explain anything to you while you reject me for refusing your antiquated language which exists for its own sake
 honesty is the best policy
 very much enjoying my new office in soho .. except for that the chinese run greek diner simulacrum next door cant cook for shit .. but over time this trait shall likely morph into a positive
 Steven Read is in a relationship <3
 sometimes i wonder while i pee .. am i being filmed right now?
 can you see the real me? can ya? the real me me me me me me me me?
 rewriting this one. i have that power. even tho ur not supposed to wield it.
 totally beat down today after losing a multi-day battle with aggressive nyc real estate crooks from chinatown
 i would like to celebrate this presidents day by congratulating mr obama on his excellent photos and videos from when he went to visit the intel corporation over the weekend