A collection of Points made by Steve Or Steven Read

RoboDump 1.0 (2004)
 RoboDump 1.0 (2004)
urinal finger screen burn 01urinal finger screen burn 02urinal finger screen burn 03urinal finger screen burn 04urinal finger screen burn 05urinal finger screen burn 06urinal finger screen burn 07urinal finger screen burn 09urinal finger screen burn 10urinal finger screen burn 11
 photos of rotating ads with screen damage (shot quickly while peeing)
 it quite often happens. right there in the bathroom of a client's office. i hear the music of mumford and sons (on a small weary alarm clock radio thing from the early to mid 1990's sorta hidden behind a generic looking dusty fake plant from the same era)
 i totally broke the toilet seat. one side cracked in half. now that side pinches your ass if you sit on it. weak. this sucks. what do i do. help. i can't take this anymore. where is mister hankey.
would someone please call WORLD DRYER for me?
 would someone please call WORLD DRYER for me?
clock celebrationsale flyerfacilities movetable sculpturepremium smartphone strategy
 put yourself into my shoes
 one of my most vivid memories from my years as a boy scout was when these kids had deliberately flushed a bunch of catfish down the camp latrine .. when the scoutmaster found out he dutifully pumped the catfish out of the latrine as he yelled and yelled
 forgot to light a match