A collection of Points made by Steve Or Steven Read

 back in nyc ... ok am going to post some photos from my early spring trip on the appalachian trail
 waiting for an amtrak train home .. feels more normal to wait outside in the cold near kudzu covered brush and songbird chatter than to wait inside the old station
 animals seen (and counted) .. 1 bear, 6 deers, 8 wild ponies, 1 fox and 1 skunk, 2 little mice, 4 wild turkies, 3 grouse, 10 trout, 1 snake, 2 skinks and 7 salamanders
 the hike is done .. reached daleville roanoke area .. 250 miles hiked on this trip .. 800 miles of the app trail complete only 1300 more to go
 halfway up the mountain. uckfay.
 headed out for another section .. 90 miles to roanoke .. god willing
 made it 150 miles from damascus to pearisburg on the app trail .. got a cheap hotel for the night .. bought an lcd wristwatch that transforms into a robot for $1 at goodwill across the street
 up on sugar run mountain good views .. almost to pearisburg .. rain coming but headed to a hiker hostile tonite .. home cooked meals type thing .. ok over and out
 this trail logging project is nearly a bust! no signals .. its just a man vs nature fight for survival
 i have heard that backpacking the appalachian trail is like having an adventure in america's backyard