Project»I Got My Period


A collaboration between myself and Tandy Stevens. I was invited by a curator to make a video for an upcoming show. I had worked with the curator in the past, but our relationship was built solely upon online identities (we've never met in real life). The show was entitled "Lazy Identity - new videos that discuss what can obscure, preserve and even annihilate an identity". We decided to have the submission itself obey the show's parameters.

The video was created with as much procrastination as possible and submitted as late as possible (within reasonable limits). The video was created and submitted as a collaboration with an uninvited, unknown, unlicensed pediatrician mime clown artist named Tandy Stevens. I used as much persuasive communication as possible during my submission's late period to get it included in the show, including boorishness about the collaborator and the video's gradually-increasing quality. In the end the submitted "I Got My Period" video was not included in the "Lazy Identity" show for undisclosed reasons. Shit! It really was good and wasn't THAT late! So now the relationship with the curator is currently out of focus, and we are probably declaring our video to be "unofficially included" or at least "officially not included" in the show.

Apart from all that stuff, the background video is a field recording I shot earlier this year. The audio track my brother shared with me after an unknown woman recorded it mistakenly one evening at his place of business in Atlanta Georgia. Everything else was done in collaboration with the unlicensed pediatrician mime clown artist named Tandy Stevens, who also appears in the video.