A collection of Points made by Steve Or Steven Read

 when i was 13 years of age the international consortium of athletic musicality finally awarded me the sixth and final chair of the jackson five .. it was then that i tattooed popeye onto my elbow and officially changed my name to steve or steven read
 do the people in the subway even realize i am listening to the five bridges suite by the nice with keith emerson?
 question the nature of your orders .. what do they want from you .. hawkwind
my next solo album cover should be this
 my next solo album cover should be this
 google gil scott-heron whos name you heard once and then read a blog post and then tweet about how you loved him and how sad you are today
 i need to make an image that somehow contains macgyvers head and the exodus bonded by blood album cover
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 Theme from Lumpy Gravy - Pony Tab
the who is in the trash
 the who is in the trash
 finally concluded today that chuck mangione is truly great but machine head is truly not
 one of the benefits of having ozzy osbourne over for dinner is that he usually wont eat his salad but he gives a great explanation as to why