A collection of Points made by Steve Or Steven Read

 chirp chrip chi chi shee chii chirp chirp zhee shee chi chi shirp chirp zhirp chirp chirp cheer cheirp chir sherp sher sher chirp chi zherp zerp chirp cchrip shirp she shee chirp chrip sheer chrip zherp shaerp chirp chirp cheerp zherp shiirp cherp chirp
 i is backpack and packed up and headed back into the mountains for a few days .. somebody stop me
 i am determined to revolutionize art by at least 0.014985%
 new york is alright .. if you like saxophones .. which i actually do like .. but i do not like new york
 a big large bouncer man just mistook me for a journalist who he thought was covering the large big comeback of nerf
 spent the weekend doing some performance enhancements here .. also rewired some stuff related to old deprecated modules so that i can soon upgrade to drupal 7 .. just a bunch of maintenance work that has little to no immediate visual payoff
 ifn im sayin this text is worth havin a entire page just fer it then this shit better be pretty darnd good
 my phat ass does not fit inside of your phart world
 my current commute is about the length of steely dan gaucho .. as i arrive at my computer desk i am the third world man
 google demoted my site (again) because they think it is a content farm .. punished for gaining control over my own data and placing it on a simulated gallery wall