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This is an ongoing generative software tool, written by me in the C#.NET programming language, to help me in my artistic practice. Usually this application is used to test and work out ideas in the studio, where the generated images are just the means to an end. For instance, as preparatory drawings for acrylic paintings. Other times, the images are imported directly into video, installation, or website projects. There exists now an archive of hundreds of thousands of such generated images. For now, most are merely collecting digital 'dust'.

Many artists are now using generative software practices in their work. I feel that many are seduced to push the limits of generative technology by focusing on technical complexity. Continually improving and maximizing the potentials of it as 'tool'. I however, being somewhat of an essentialist, tend to create very simple algorithms and behaviors into my software tools. The tools are then developmentally 'frozen' for a period of time while they are experimented, manipulated, and used by me.

I like to think of my generative tools as being like pencils and paintbrushes - fairly simple, standardized, yet with unlimited potential for creative usage. My unique artistic software process therefore favors USING the tool, as opposed to MAKING the tool. The many varieties of tool construction afforded by the inherent nature of software coding, is inhibited. At a broader level this is part of an attempt to both embrace technology yet escape from a technology materialism.